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A bra with breathable weave design that provides comfort all day.

It is safe to say that MAJORITY of WOMEN we all know that there are some VERY REAL issues when it comes to our BRAS! There are struggles that we unitedly share like how it is very uncomforting, how the straps and buckle locks leaves a red mark on our skin, how it is sometimes difficult to move with it, and so many more distractions to tell that we just have to endure because WE CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Women needs it, and they have to deal with it.

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because here is the perfect answer to one of women’s daily struggles. Introducing the COMFYT AIR BRA.

COMFY AIR BRA is a BREATHABLE bra that will keep you COOL all through the day. It has a REVOLUTIONARY MESH WEAVE design that continuously CIRCULATES air to keep you FRESH and 
DRY. It provides ULTIMATE breast SUPPORT and gives your breast the FULL COVERAGE it needed. It also gives the PERFECT lift for your breast and prevents it from SAGGING. It is WIRELESS. Iyt is EASY to REMOVE and WEAR as it doesn’t have hooks.

COMFY AIR BRA provides the COMFORTABLE FIT that SMOOTHENS out the back fat and bulges. Its SLIM FIT design makes it invisible under any clothing. The coverage it gives to your upper body results in IMPROVING your POSTURE and REDUCES shoulders and back pain.

This bra comes in THREE different basic colors that goes well with any of your clothes: NUDE, WHITE and BLACK.


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