Buy 1 and Get 1 FREE: 2-IN-1 Drain stopper and strainer

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With just a quick push, our 2-in-1 Stopper and Strainer stops clogs, dead! Made to fit ANY sink or tub

Got bathtub clog problems? Our drain plug is the answer to your prayers!

Constructed from soft silicone-rubber material, the plug creates a suction seal when placed over the drain.

Hair and other debris won't ever get trapped down the drain. The plug completely stops clogs from happening!


  • Effectively keeps hair and other debris from clogging your drain
  • Soft-flexible silicone design is made to last
  • Very easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • No more sticking your fingers down the drain to clear out clogs
  • Flexible plug fits over any drain and is guaranteed to catch all the gross things you don't want to touch

You'll be OVERJOYED you invested in this plug!

No more old-fashioned tub stoppers!

This water-resistant, durable plug is 100% rustproof.


Simply place over your tub or sink drain and there you go!


We’re a family with a LOT of hair and have had to snake our drains constantly. We have the old school built in stoppers and they just don’t function well with clogs. We’ve replace all of them with these stoppers and I’m so impressed! For starters, my 18 month old cant peel it up out of the drain, so that’s perfect. They’re easy to use, clean and install. I’m putting them in every drain in my house! Definitely going to be saving money on drain-o - Rita Donovan, NY


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